Media buying without data errors

When buying and running paid media, human and technical mistakes happen. Accutics Validate automatically monitors your operations and reports on errors.

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Can you relate to this?

I’m missing campaign data due to lost tracking
Validating campaigns manually takes too much time and resources
Data is siloed and inconsistent across teams and platforms

Here's how we solve it

Consistent tracking, everywhere

Accutics Validate ensures that all your campaigns follow your predefined tracking conventions. This gives you the data and confidence you need to optimize them for maximum impact.

Effective monitoring
and compliance, at scale

Get a reliable foundation for your global compliance dashboards by tracking how sources, markets, or user groups align to your standards today and over time. Continuous monitoring of performance metrics like budgets, duration, and creative assets enables you to optimize ad spend.

Save time and resources with automated validation

Get rid of manual data cleanups and prevent mistakes from happening with automated checks of naming errors, taxonomy issues, and landing page discrepancies. Simply connect Accutics Validate to your ad accounts and receive instant notifications of any irregularities.


Don’t just take our word for it

+46% improvement to our click-to-visit ratio within the first 3 months

“Upon discovering Accutics, we found out that 66% of all our paid clicks had tracking issues, either missing tracking parameters or tracking structure inconsistencies. Within the first 3-4 months, we experienced a +46% improvement, as we successfully hit over 97% on our click-to-visit ratio. This has truly been an eye-opener.”

Adam Wanat
Marketing Analytics Lead

An amazing tech needed to tackle business decisions and drive marketing precision

"Accutics was the missing part in our all strategy. It has helped us get a unified view of all activities and get an ROI for each campaign for different sources from different marketing teams. We can now align people, goals, and marketing technologies to our analytics tool."

Adélaïde Méal
Head of Data & Analytics

Accutics is a future-proof solution for us

"I can recommend Accutics wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to manage Adobe Analytics classifications for campaign tracking codes or even other applications."

Ewa Bajór
Senior Adobe Analytics Specialist

Helps reach consistent campaign tracking

"Accutics helps companies avoid mistakes and reach consistent campaign tracking for their different business units and agencies. The simple interface and good structure enable a good start for everyone."

Anna Graef
Consultant Data & Analytics

Huge visibility into the impact of our campaigns

"Accutics is giving our business huge visibility into the impact of our campaigns. It’s phenomenal in the level of detail that this gives us now and how easy it is to manage."

Tim Coleman
Head of Digital, Defence Recruiting Group

Key for a clean campaign tracking foundation

"Accutics has had a key role in the creation of a clean data foundation for campaign tracking. Being able to shape and optimize the taxonomy and add more structure in the way that we work with campaign tracking has been really helpful."

Samantha Gowran Farrier
Head of Digital, Defence Recruiting Group

Super easy to use

"Accutics Standardize is super easy to use, I can recommend it to everyone. The ones that need tracking codes, simply log in and do it. It takes 30 secs to create a click tag, so it makes sense to use the platform all the time.”

Mathias Lykke
CRM Manager

A must-have when working with campaign data

"Accutics brings high value to any company that is working with data to evaluate their campaign performance. It's a must-have if you are working with campaign data."

Rune Grønvaldt Hansen
Head of Digital

Increased our paid search ROI

"Having our AdWords spend imported by Accutics to Adobe Analytics - on multiple levels down to keywords - has made our optimization more effective and increased our paid search ROI"

Patric Sebastian Møller
Head of Paid Media & Search
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