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Launching April 2024
ACCUTICS browser extension

Your data standards web companion

Effective media buying is a combination of many things. With the Accutics browser extension we merge ease of use with efficiency in a cross platform integrated workflow

Here's how it works

Time saving

Supercharge your productivity with our browser extension, enabling instant creation of naming tracking URLs, short URLs, and QR codes directly within your browsing context. The Accutics extension will be your companion across your entire marketing stack, including ANY media platforms for campaign activation. Say goodbye to tedious switching between tools and save valuable time while streamlining your workflow.

Integrated workflow

We have created the Accutics extension to be platform agnostic. This mean you can harness the value of context specific naming and tracking conventions across all yourmedia platforms, whether this be social, search, display or similar. You can even use the extension to streamline naming conventions directly in your CRM system, internal systems, and online spreadsheets.

Ease of use

We present a seamless experience for creating naming and tracking URLs within your suite of marketing platforms. Datastandards will be at your fingertips, powered by existing Accutics features, without disrupting your existing media setup workflow.

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