QR code creation

On brand dynamic QR codes

Transform your brand’s digital strategy with our all-in-one QR code creator. From branded designs to dynamic functionality and integrated workflows, unlock the power of QR technology to captivate your audiences and drive results. 

Here's how it works

Branded QR codes

Ensure on-brand communication with customized branded QR codes. With our template builder you can easily add your logo, colors, and visuals to make QR codes uniquely yours, and have a template for every need.

Dynamic QR codes

Benefit from combining the Accutics Short URL product with our QR code builder to create Dynamic QR codes.
Easily update destination URLs, content, or promotions without reprinting codes.

Integrated workflow

Seamlessly integrate QR code generation into your existing workflow.
Accutics provides a unique solution to streamline the creation of campaign links, vanity URLs and QR codes in platform or via our browser extension.

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