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Accutics Platform for Adobe Analytics

Learn how Accutics Platform plays with Adobe Analytics.

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Application Use case

Accutics Platform for Adobe Analytics

Learn how Accutics Platform plays with Adobe Analytics.

Accutics Platform for Adobe Analytics

Learn how Accutics Platform plays with Adobe Analytics.


  • Marketing tracking in Adobe Analytics depends on correctly tagged traffic. However, Adobe Analytics does not offer a way to create campaign codes and data standards.
  • Once a company starts to tag marketing traffic, ensuring campaign codes are used across channels becomes the highest importance. In reality, tracking often breaks as campaigns are not validated globally.
  • Offering the most advanced analytics user interface, Adobe Analytics can be used for many types of data alongside onsite metrics. Adobe Analytics does not offer a native way to connect to platforms like Google Search Console or Facebook Business Manager, wasting some of the potential of Adobe Analytics.


  • Through Accutics Standardize, companies are able to create unique campaign codes at enterprise scale and automatically push naming conventions to Adobe Analytics and marketing platforms.
  • Accutics Validate allows to create validation rules for marketing platforms and automatically alert teams of any tracking issues. The integrated Health Score gives a KPI for teams and agencies to work towards.
  • Companies use Accutics Connect to unify marketing data in Adobe Analytics. Using automated imports, all relevant data can be analyzed in Analysis Workspace, enabling omni-channel insights for companies of every shape and size.

How it works

Accutics Standardize offers the most user-friendly user interface in the industry to create data standards, naming conventions, and unique campaign codes. Companies are able to precisely map their desired workflows, requirements, and guardrails to where marketers and marketing agencies create tracked URLs for their campaigns. Featuring a branded short URL and QR code builder, creating dynamic, tracked, and long-lasting marketing material becomes a matter of seconds and can be democratized across the whole organization. Offering powerful data export and transformation capabilities, Accutics Standardize then pushes data into Adobe Analytics or other analytics solutions, exactly matching the requirements for Marketing Channels or Tracking Code Classifications.

To ensure that marketing data is captured across teams, channels, and platforms, Accutics Validate integrates directly with marketing platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, or DV360 to automatically ensure that best practices are followed consistently. On top of basic URL validations, like checks for redirects, 404 pages, or correct domains, Accutics Validate integrates with Accutics Standardize to guarantee that tracking parameters have been created in the right way and information is provided correctly. Validations run automatically and give real-time feedback to marketing teams if validation rules fail, giving teams a concrete list of issues to fix together with a quick entry to the platforms where problems are found.

After marketing traffic has been tagged correctly and quality is ensured automatically, Accutics Connect brings marketing data back to Adobe Analytics. This makes metrics like impressions, clicks, reach, or spend available for every campaign and across channels in Adobe Analytics. A common application is to bring organic Google Search Console data, including impressions and keywords, into Analytics to be analyzed alongside paid traffic. With organic and paid data available for analysis, companies can put an end to guessing where traffic increases are coming from and gain an omnichannel view onto their marketing activities within Adobe Analytics.

During onboarding to the Accutics Platform, our Solution Architects work closely with brands and agencies to ensure the perfect setup is put into place. After the initial onboarding, companies have fine-grained control over user access levels and permissions to provide highest flexibility while respecting requirements for access control.

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