Accutics platform

Your advanced marketing data governance platform

Every organization needs accessible and trustworthy marketing data. This goes beyond creating tracking codes or putting data into a dashboard or report. With Accutics, you get the structured and comprehensive data you need for better decisions.

Can you relate to this?

We’re wasting resources on data quality monitoring, cleaning, and syncing
Our markets and teams don’t follow the same campaign naming structure
Reporting is unreliable due to lack of trust in marketing data

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Accutics Standardize

Define your data foundation across online and offline marketing activities

Your taxonomies and naming conventions are the essential ingredients in your single source of truth. Break free from outdated spreadsheets and homegrown tools and embrace efficiency, collaboration, and connectivity. Accutics Standardize governs your defined standards and makes them available to marketers - whether internal or external.

Accutics Validate

Maintain governance
in your execution

Data mistakes inevitably happen. Countering the collection of flawed data, Accutics Validate automatically and continuously checks your activities against your data standards and ensures that your data collection remains intact throughout execution.

Accutics connect

Connecting your data for a granular, unified view

Using your data standards and our tagging expertise, Accutics Connect joins metrics and dimensions at a highly granular level from a multitude of platforms into your reporting tool for actionable insights.

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